» I’m gonna try and revamp this blog soon.

Give it a new look and start posting artwork again. 

More Copic marker practice. Gotta love the WAA. 

I got a set of Copic markers for Christmas and thought I’d share one of the sketches I drew with them, a Mega Absol. 

Merry Christmas Eve! Have a Christmas Skiddo! 

A lot of people think that Espurrs are soulless or emotionless, but I feel that they’d be more of the scaredy-cat type, afraid of anything that could potentially open their ears. 

Birdman and Birdson. 

This blog never fails to make me smile no matter what type of day I’m having. I felt it necessary to draw something to show my love for these babies. 

I dunno, I drew this for a friend. 

My friend gave me a moleskin notepad yesterday and I thought I’d test it out by doodling Ren. I’ve never even played Dmmd (sans for two liveblogs I’ve watched), but what can I say, he’s cute.

I doodle Apollo looking as done as I am with this week.